Applicant Tracking System

HIREdrate’s Applicant Tracking System is the easiest and fastest way to acquire great talent. It automates the time consuming tasks of job posting, reviewing of applications, shortlisting candidates, scheduling interviews and hiring.

ATS Features

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Our match analytics solution ranks and matches candidates to the right job vacancies.

Easy interview scheduling

 Set specified interview dates and time for candidates. Avoid frequent emails and calls

Candidate Tracking and Management

Tracks only the relevant applications with the required skills. Collect and manage top talent on a single platform to find the best suited candidate.

Data driven

A structured data-driven hiring process that

sources candidates faster and provide a great candidate experience.

Job Posting

Gain a wide reach for finding the best candidates by posting job openings directly to your website and collect applications

Talent Pool

Work with multiple talent pools created by the system instead of engaging in data with numerous irrelevant profiles

Business challenges

  1. How can you attract the right candidates?

  2. How can you engage qualified candidates once you find them?

  3. How to make sure you are hiring fast?

  4. How to have effective communication with candidates?

  5. How can you ensure that selected candidates have a good experience?

  6. How to ensure fair recruiting?

  7. How can you create an efficient recruiting process?

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Odoo • Image and Text

Solution overview

  • Build a talent pools 

  • Find quality candidates and make efforts to retain them 

  • Utilize scheduling tools to minimize frequent communications and speed up interview and on-boarding procedures.

  • Follow structured steps to make smooth transitions with the candidates. 

  • Diversify your recruiting strategies

  • Focus on managing and improving every step involved in recruitment

  • Examine past processes and assess any scope for improvement in the future.


  • Reduce time-to-hire 

  • Powerful sourcing tools to build quality talent pools

  • Organized recruitment processes

  • Enhanced candidate experience 

  • Easy to use collaborative and communication tools 

  • Tracking recruitment on a budget

  • Issues notification alerts and organizes applications 

  • Automated emails and interview schedules sent out to selected candidates

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