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Use HIREdrate's professional Templates services to capture your Client's attention and make  a strong first impression.
Our Document Templates Services will make your candidate submissions to stand out in a classy way


Suitable formats for any ATS 

Numerous resume templates

Fast and accurate parsing

Phrasing Improvements

Customizable headers and footers

Candidate information suppression

Highlighted skills section

Content alignment

What We Do

  • We replicate the information on a document/Resume to a particular format that is readable by the Applicant Tracking System. 

  • We provide you with base templates having editable options for header, logo, name, address, etc. 

  • Based on the information updated, we build a customized resume template, ensuring every resume updated by the company has the same consistent format and information.

  • We provide an image preview on the template screen so that you are able to make appropriate changes.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

How we can help ?

  • Professional documents that are clear and simple but have attractive design, that adheres to every formatting rule is guaranteed to be eye-catching

  • Scan resumes in 15 seconds and increase efficiency by saving your time

  • With a variety of pre-configured resume templates that can be customized you can make all your resumes look the same with just a click

  • Choose the template based on the Client/Organization requirements before submitting applications to different organizations or clients.

  • Send emails with the actual resume of the applicant or the template formatted resume to the Client/Recruiter with the ranking results in the Match Analytic Option.


  • Increased productivity and profitability 

  • Time saved means added time to be able to present the company to new clients with more attention and care

  • Spend quality time with the candidate and choose only the best for an opening

  • Uniformity in resumes submitted are as per Clients requirements.

  • Match Analytics options for superior candidate profiling.

Odoo • Text and Image

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