Eliminate Recruiter bias with 

HIREdrate's Match Analytics

Built to provide a faster, easier and more transparent ways to hire candidates with relevant key skills for your every requirement. Make the right decisions by automating time consuming task of mining useful information from heaps of data using our simple Match Analytics Solution.

Match Analytics Features

It's a Match

Finds the ideal match for your requirements by eliminating irrelevant profiles and ranking based on more than a bunch of keywords

Escape the struggle

Scours through multitudes of data in your databases until the right candidates are shortlisted

All in order

Ranks candidates based on job requirements provided by companies

One step ahead

Get a head start at actively recruiting candidates with the benefit of not spending hours going through resumes

Labels to the rescue

Creates talent pools by labeling the candidates according to experience and education

It’s sorted

Sorts applicants by experience, occupation, qualification, skill set, etc.


Compares similar resumes with related skills and training enabling the top candidates to surface and stand out

Be fair

Mitigates recruitment bias by analyzing the trends in past hiring processes and reporting the internal biases of the company

Flow, don’t row

With the user-friendly interface you can now extend or modify your search using simple steps

Business Challenges

  1. Where are the candidates coming from? Why are the candidates being rejected? What is the experience of the candidates?

  2. Time is spent on hiring? How much time will this save? 

  3. How effective has the recruitment process been? Are the candidates responding?

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Odoo • Image and Text

Solution Overview

1.    Jobs that are currently in demand

2.    Employers/Recruiter's skill requirements
3.    Enhanced profile rankings

4.    Improved candidate screening method

5.    Easy talent pools to work on

6.    Incorporate collaboration and transparency in recruiting

7.    Most potential career paths for employees
8.    Recruit diverse candidates


  1. Increase efficiency

  2. Boost productivity 

  3. Fill up vacancies in no time

  4. Receive quality recommendations

  5. Reduce email and phone call exchanges

  6. Meet the candidate requirements

  7. Reduce the cost-per-hire, especially for small to medium sized businesses.

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