Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence tools in Recruitment

Embracing talent technology provides employers the ability to manage remote hiring which has become a necessity today. COVID 19 has accelerated the much needed transformation to do remote hiring using Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence tools to identify and manage hires. 

Adapting an AI/ML-based talent recruitment platform highlights a candidate's potential and ensures that the right candidate doesn't fall off the radar. An AI-powered solution is an effective way to identify talented candidates, eliminate internal biases, reach diversity and retain the best outcomes. Recruiters can save time by using AI/machine learning tools to find quality matches for vacancies in real-time by providing the same level of scrutiny to all the applicants.

In order for recruiters to have an end-to-end visibility they can post job positions and run recruiting campaigns on various platforms. AI helps in understanding a candidate’s strength and sending them invites to a position where they will excel the most. Candidates are guided to positions that are most applicable to their skills. They can rely on AI to match the set of candidates with the most plausible positions to increase opt-in and participation rates. All the potential candidates need to be stack-ranked so that the recruiters can prioritize the candidates before contact. To manage remote hiring recruiters can take the help of automated online screening and interview tools. These tools let the recruiters assess the performance of candidates separately, regardless of location. AI/ML interview tools remove the friction of scheduling phone screening of interviews for different time zones.

Once an applicant is hired, AI/ML tools can also be used to improve on-boarding procedures. Repetitive tasks like conducting background checks, putting together documents about benefits, and creating offer letter templates can be automated. AI-powered tools ensure new employees receive copies of the paperwork regarding company policies and log-in information. A well evolved remote recruitment process with competency based AI/ML tools is the right path to a talent-driven future for companies.

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