Tips to make Remote Hiring seamless

As we learn to adapt to the new world that COVID-19 has brought about, every industry is undergoing a transformation and changing the way they execute their business operations. Most organizations have allowed their employees to work remotely for the foreseeable future. Hiring and on-boarding has gone virtual and HR departments  are striving to provide candidates and  recruiters a similar experience as in the case of in-person processes. Remote hiring will be the new normal as we work our way out of this crisis. In order for recruiters to conquer virtual recruitment processes they need to answer a few crucial questions like: How can they continue to attract top talent without meeting them in person? What immediate changes can be made in their recruitment strategies keeping their company’s priorities in mind? 

Here are a few tips to achieve effective remote hiring: 

Re-evaluate your tech needs
Check if your existing recruitment tools support the new requirements in virtual recruitment processes to enable talent acquisition teams to remain efficient. Small and medium sized businesses might not have tools and processes to handle the new circumstances. In order to be able to cope with the environment they will have to proactively take steps to invest in tech that streamlines virtual recruitment processes. 

  • Invest in an applicant tracking system (ATS) if you already haven’t to attract and sort applications, access candidate information, maintain interview paperwork and give feedback. 

  • Use a video interviewing platform that is easy to use and can be integrated into your ATS
    for an enhanced candidate experience. It can be used to meet virtually as employees might not be able to conduct meetings in-person for quite some time.

Strengthen your employer brand
It is a bit tricky to convey to the potential candidates about your company’s culture without meeting them in the case of virtual recruitment. This can be fixed by promoting your brand and portraying your company’s culture to candidates through social media posts,  photos, videos, additions to landing pages on your sites. Post FAQ’s on your sites for the benefit of prospective applicants.

Ensure transparent hiring practices
Focus on building an applicant screening process that is non-discriminatory. You can invest in software that follows blind screening so that talent and skills surface the pools of resumes. 

Work towards creating a seamless experience for selected candidates
With the change in methods of hiring, candidate experience is bound to be different than in the case of in-person interviews. Going remote in your strategies doesn’t mean you can’t offer a personal connection and feedback. 

  • Start by informing candidates of the virtual tools you’ll be using for hiring so that they can prepare accordingly. 

  • In case they need to download particular interviewing softwares, give them clear instructions beforehand for smooth interactions in the future. 

  • Utilize chat-bots to keep an open communication so that information can be shared with the candidates at every stage of recruitment. 

  • Give candidates more than one option to contact you. You can share your LinkedIn profiles, phone numbers and email ids. 

How can HIREdrate help you in achieving successful remote hiring? 
HIREdrate offers recruitment solutions that cater to the new transformatory strategies required for virtual recruitment. 

  • Resume screening, smart job matching, and transparent hiring can be promoted by our AI based match analytics.

  • Our ATS can help in scheduling interviewing timelines and effectively communicate with selected candidates.

  • Gain a wide reach in your search for the best candidates by posting job openings directly to your website using our ATS.

We at HIREdrate, provide valuable recruitment solutions to make your Hiring process affordable and seamless. Contact us today to know more.

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