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Job-fit issues at a Product Management firm

A director of the HR management team of a renowned product development company expressed to us the most common recruiting challenges he’s faced on a daily basis. He spoke about how most of the time the team is forced to choose a candidate who’s the best they can find at the time rather than the best fit for the job. He explained how difficult it can get to discover the good candidates in a pool of unqualified talent or the less experienced. 

He thought the best way to hire the right people wasn’t about receiving and analyzing huge numbers of applications but to form a smaller list of more qualified talent and then to pick out the right candidates. But creating lists of this manner cost his team lots of time that they couldn't afford to lose as it would mean that qualified candidates would find jobs elsewhere.

This is where HIREdrate came in and offered our match analytics as a solution for this business challenge. The director of the HR found that our system scoured all the data on their databases, created talent pools by labelling the candidates and ranked the candidates based on various requirements of the company like qualification, occupation, experience, etc. Applicants were sorted and similar resumes with related skills were easily compared. A much needed organized strategy helped him tackle one of the biggest challenges he faced in his career of recruiting and enabled his team to find profiles that fit the job descriptions perfectly.

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