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Staffing Agency puts Matching to the Test

A well known and globally acclaimed staffing agency approached HIREdrate to discuss a feasible way to streamline their recruitment process. They needed to digitize their recruitment information and develop a cost efficient process of hiring. They weren’t dissatisfied with their HR team but wondered if they could use an application tracking system to increase collaboration and promote teamwork within the team. 

Before going forward with HIREdrate’s match analytics solution they wanted to put the system to test by comparing the productivity and efficiency of the recruitment management while it worked manually vs with the help of an ATS. They conducted an experiment with us for a month during a period when they had the maximum vacancies to fill. The team working without the help of match analytics turned out to be more drained and exhausted which affected their overall performance. On the other hand, the team with match analytics got more quality work done with an expense of time left to focus on the rest of the recruitment processes. 

By the end of testing the agency noted that the team with match analytics showed an increase of almost 30% in productivity. They were able to implement a more effective strategy of recruitment after using our resume matching software. They experienced an improvement in the skills of the hiring management at handling their recruitment workflow at lowered costs. Moreover, HIREdrate helped the agency to build a stronger and collaborative HR department.

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