Recruitment trends for 2020

In a report on recruitment trends for 2020 in the Times of India, a list of hiring trends that would dominate the year were compiled. Some of the  predictions in the list are: an increase in hiring through social media platforms; organizations having the tendency to lean towards hiring multi-skilled candidates; additional benefits given more importance than pay. 

In addition to these, one of the insights presented was about a developing trend of remote working. The reasoning for a rise in work from home opportunities in the beginning of the year was the observation that flexibility in work provides people with a work-life balance and helps in stress management. Given the current scenario of the world adjusting to the new reality, accommodating a pandemic into everyday life, remote working has become more than just an option that few job seekers looked for. With social distancing becoming a necessity and countries announcing strict lock-downs in the initial stages of the virus outbreak, all employees that could work from home were asked to do so. Today with revised regulations in workplaces keeping COVID-19 in mind, quite a few  companies continue to allow their employees to work from home for the foreseeable future. 

Another notable trend was that companies would hire more contractual workforce than full-time employees. Among the many things that the virus outbreak has caused, an economic recession is an unfortunate byproduct. In order for companies to keep their expenses in check during these difficult times, contractual hiring has gained even more importance. 

In addition to the above mentioned trends, we would like to include a few more insights with regard to an altered reality with new challenges in recruitment

  • Increase in the use of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence tools in recruitment

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence tools have been extensively used to streamline time consuming tasks and automate repetitive processes in hiring by large companies. It is more likely for small and medium sized companies to also include these tools so as to be more equipped in the situation. 

  • Improving on remote and virtual work technologies

With most recruitment happening virtually, companies have had to reevaluate their tech requirements in the recent times. Investing in recruitment tools such as collaboration tools and video conferencing will prove to be beneficial to successful remote hiring. Click Here for tips to help you make remote hiring easy. 

Talent acquisition in a post-COVID world