Talent acquisition in a post-COVID world

As part of the attempts to function in a post-pandemic world, organizations have taken time to review, evaluate, reassess and modify their talent acquisition strategies. There have been various factors that have affected talent acquisition since the virus outbreak. The inability to have in-person meetings tends to create gaps in communication between the teams. While some candidates are reluctant to take risks or try different professional paths, employers find themselves unable to make new financial commitments. Companies have more specialized requirements and multi-skilled candidates have gained higher demand. 

One of the major changes in talent acquisition in a post pandemic world has been the trend of remote hiring. Starting from sourcing of candidates to the final on-boarding procedures, recruitment has developed to become a more technology and data-driven process. With recruiting going virtual, one might expect a dip in it’s but in reality efficiency productivity has seen a rise since the adoption of digital tools in old-school hiring. Here are some tips to make remote hiring easy

There has been a large scale adoption of recruitment tools in large organizations. Small to medium sized businesses have realized that investing in the right tools to gain new talent is the smartest approach to combat recruitment challenges during the crisis. Learn more about Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence tools used in Recruitment. The realization that on-premise candidates are not a requirement to businesses has resulted in a broadened talent pool and removes mobility restrictions.

The pandemic has altered the future of talent space and management. The ability of recruiters to attract and retain new talent is highly dependent on how businesses respond to the crisis today.

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Tips to make Remote Hiring seamless